Back in the Mind

Back Pain in the mind

Back in the Mind

By Aine Marron

As explained by Warwick, Kidney and Bladder plus Liver and Gallbladder are the organs most commonly implicated in regard to lower back pain. As most of you know, organs have an emotional job to do as well as a physical. From a mind/body perspective this can mean that the emotional component contributing to back problems includes Fear (Kidney), Stress (Liver) and Decision Making (Gallbladder).

Additionally, Large Intestine which feeds Kidney is implicated and is responsible for discharging both physical and emotional waste - so if you are holding onto a grudge or resentment for instance, this can contribute to Kidney being starved which results in your Fearlessness diminishing. Bladder is a sister organ of Kidney and just as it can "leak" physically, it can also be responsible for emotional find yourself not quite being able to control your emotions and saying things you never intended to say out loud. In addition to Decision making Gallbladder also controls Courage and having the strength of your convictions once having made a decision.

So as you can see, there can be quite a few factors contributing to a lower back problem that might help explain why, say gardening or sport, hurts your back one week but not the next!  From simple draughts to stress levels which tighten the muscles and tendons, to the yin/yang balance of the above mentioned organs - there is a lot to consider.