Our Acupuncture

There are many styles of acupuncture and the one practiced here is traditional - to the point of being purist. Unlike some media depictions, we rarely use more than 3 or 4 needles per session. Acupuncture does not GIVE you more energy (though it often feels that way.  Note however - that Qigong can).  Your acupuncturist's job is to manipulate the Qi flow to send it to the locations and organs where it is most required.  Hence redirecting Qi to 20 locations can mean there is less Qi to go around each point.

Please note that all needles used here are disposable, sterile, single use needles. Laser acupuncture is also an option, if absolutely necessary.


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What to expect in a session

  • Please wear loose comfortable clothing
  • Please remove jewellery and turn off your mobile phone
  • We will talk for a while first to discuss the best options then proceed to the acupuncture
  • You will have 20 minutes to relax or sleep while the needles  perform their work
  • We recommend that you avoid other body treatments for at least 24, preferably 48 hours following acupuncture
  • And we will take payment at the end of your session. For our up to date price list please visit our prices page

Our Acupuncturists

Both of our acupuncturists trained here in Melbourne and are fully registered for acupuncture with the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia via AHPRA, who oversee Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Chiropractors etc. Because they are both Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioners, if you have purchased Private Health Insurance which covers Acupuncture, you will be able to claim your treatments with them in accordance with the terms of your insurance cover.

Warwick is available at our Lysterfield Clinic on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays plus Saturday mornings by appointment. He's also available on St Kilda Road, Melbourne Tuesdays.

Thérèse works in Lysterfield Tuesday and Thursday Afternoons or otherwise by appointment. She also works at Balance Point Acupuncture in Melbourne on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays.

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Booking an Appointment...

If you have any further questions about how we might help or would like to book in for an appointment please feel free to call or email us

Warwick Poon - 0403 822 593 - warwick@poon.clinic
Therese Poon - 0432 488 999 - therese@poon.clinic