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What is Qigong?

Qi Gong is an ancient mind/body art which is thought to have given rise to many of the Chinese healing sciences. It is without doubt the father of Tai Chi. Some believe that it was by practicing Qi Gong that special abilities were developed enabling the masters to see the meridians in the body which gave birth to the science of Acupuncture. Likewise, they could see the effects of plants and herbs on the body – which gave rise to Chinese herbal medicine.

At last count, there were over 450 forms of Qi Gong being taught in China. One way to classify them is into the five major schools of Qi Gong: Medical, Martial arts, Buddhist, Taoist and Confucian. Another way Qi Gong is categorised is into Active and Passive Qi Gong—the latter being mainly still postures emphasising meditation.

What Qigong do we offer?

Warwick Poon teaches predominantly Medical Qi Gong, with a variety of both active and passive Qi Gong. His two most popular programs are Dancing with the Cosmos and Shangri-la.  These are foundational techniques which are incredibly healing to the body and mind. Another technique is known as Silver Lining Qi Gong which literally expands the meridians down to the capillary level and allows qi to move more freely throughout the body.

Our Qigong Workshops

We offer a selection of specific Qigong forms as well as bespoke Qigong tuition. Below is a list of our most commonly requested Qigong workshops. If there is something specific you'd like to learn or know about please call or email us for more information on what we have to offer.

dancing with the cosmos

Dancing with the Cosmos


This is an active but very gentle form of Qi-Gong. It requires no previous experience and is able to be done by anyone who can stand. Once you are familiar with it, it can take less than 15 minutes to do, though if you can stretch it to 45 mins or 1 hour it has greater benefits.

It has been described as similar to a generic acupuncture treatment – since it works with the meridians and energy fields. For those of you who work as Health practitioners or in any service industry, you might find that this form of Qi Gong is also excellent for cleansing any pathogenic Qi you may have been exposed to in the course of your work. Put another way, it can also help us to “shake off” the energy patterns we have been associating with. Despite being introductory, it remains one of the most profoundly effective Qigong techniques we have ever learned.

shangri la qigong

Shang-Ri La Qigong


We are all by now familiar with the concept of Qi or energy and the fact that it flows through meridians or channels around the body. Concentrated Qi is called Jing and is also translated as life-force. The amount of life-force is believed to be determined at conception and it is said to be finite. When it runs out—we die. Depending on how we manage its expenditure and how much stress life presents, what food we eat, the quality of air we breath — all these factors and many more contribute to the pace at which we consume our precious Jing.

Shangri-La Qi Gong can be somewhat considered as cheating that system. It is designed to increase our Jing. In everyday Traditional Chinese Medicine language this equates to building Qi, particularly Kidney energy—so we repair the body better, we sleep better, become more fearless and we deal with stress better. Hence, we feel younger. Oh and if you have difficulty finding the discipline to practice this is the practice for you!

silver linings qigong

Silver Linings Qigong


The body has a network of invisible vein-like channels that carry your Qi to all the organs, limbs, skin etc. Silver Lining Qi Gong “dredges” your meridians so that they expand and allow more Qi to flow into your veins and capillaries. From a Traditional Chinese Medicine viewpoint, this improves so many aspects of health – including an emotional   component – just as physical bruising repairs quickly, so also does emotional bruising. Overall improved Qi circulation shows up in many ways such as sun burn not hurting any more, sprains and strains repair very quickly. Unlike the Level 1 techniques, this is doing more than just healing. It is fortifying your Qi and making it just a little “super-human”.  This is an excellent form for healers and service workers.

Prerequisites: Students must complete Dancing with the Cosmos and Shangri-la Qigong before attending this course.

Next Steps...

If you're wanting to join in any of these Qigong workshops please contact us via email. If you're wanting something more specific for your individual or community group needs we're more than happy to discuss the options and see what we can do to help. Please call us on 0403 822 593 or email us here