Acupuncture Gold model (Medium)

Initial Consultation

Ongoing Consult


Concession Rates:

Initial Consultation

Ongoing Consult

Holistic Counselling

human and universe power, watercolor painting, chakra reiki, inspiration abstract thought, world, universe inside your mind

Initial Consultation (Up to 2 Hrs) $180

Counselling (Up to 1.5Hrs)

Extended Sessions (Beyond 1.5Hrs)
$20 per every additional & complete 15mins. Capped $200

Concession Rates are available for a limited percentage of Aine's total clientel at any given time. Please enquire if available or apply for waitlist.

Counselling 1.5Hrs - $145

Counselling Beyond 1.5Hrs
$160 capped


Note: Appointments at Balance Point Acupuncture in St Kilda Road are an additional $30

Et Cetera

Cupping therapy

Laser Acupuncture
Full Fare - $90
Concession - $75

Meridian Massage - 30min
Full Fare - $50
Concession - $40

Cupping Therapy - 45min
Full Fare - $80
Concession - $65

Infant Acupressure
Full Fare - $70
Concession - $50


For our Tuition, Consultations and other services please see the table below...


Our Meditation and Qigong Services:

Personal Meditation Instruction (per hour):
Full Fare $60
Concession $40

Personal Qigong Tuition (per hour):
Full Fare $100

Group Qigong Tuition pp (per hour):


Consultations and Ceremonies

Feng Shui Consultations
(for home or office)
$300 (plus travel expenses)

Chinese Tea Ceremony
$130 per hour

Chinese Tea Ceremony

Next Steps...

If you have any further questions about how we might help or would like to book in for an appointment please feel free to call or email us

Warwick Poon - 0403 822 593 - [email protected]
Aine Marron - 0432 440 999 - [email protected]
Therese Poon - 0432 488 999 - [email protected]