Oncology Acupuncture

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Post-Graduate Oncology Acupuncture Training

by Therese

Oncology acupuncture has become a promising field of integrative clinical medicine and research in many cancer centres in Australia. There is increasing demand from cancer patients to manage their symptoms both during and after standard medical treatment (surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy). Dr Oh, in collaboration with Sydney Mater Hospital’s Oncology department offers Postgraduate Oncology Acupuncture Hospital Training Program (PGOAHTP) and Therese has just completed this program.

The goal of the PGOAHTP was to provide acupuncturists with a framework for evidence-based clinical practice in cancer care, and to share new advances in integrative oncology research demonstrating that oncology acupuncture can be effective in the management of:
•    joint pain and stiffness
•    hot flushes
•    fatigue
•    anxiety and depression
•    immune function
•    sleep disorder
•    nausea and vomiting
•    radiation induced dry mouth
•    chemotherapy induced neuropathic pain (CIPN)

Therese is now better able to support patients through their cancer care before, during and after and is also willing to collaborate with the oncology staff offering support in the management of any symptoms or syndromes that may arise.

To discuss further please call Therese on 0432 488 999