The Greatest Love of All – Loving the Self


The Greatest Love of All!

By Aine Marron

As part of the team, Aine offers substantial support for cancer patients. Her work at the Gawler Foundation makes her familiar with the challenges that cancer patients encounter and armed with the tools of Meditation, Guided imagery, Tapping, Havening, IFS Counselling and Transpersonal Psychotherapy, she can help clients navigate some of those challenges with greater ease.

Most of us are aware that when we get “Big Sick” – its not enough to have the problem removed, its an indication that something needs to change in our patterns of behaviour, our attitudes or our thinking. This can feel like adding insult to injury, to feel that “Who I Am – in essence” got me into this mess and to help ward off a re-occurrence – I HAVE TO CHANGE! And what is worse, I am not even sure what it is I need to change. For example, for cancer patients, there is often a fundamental selflessness, a choicelessness around persistently putting others first. Yet to not do so, can feel even more life threatening than the cancer.  The good news is, that the part of you that feels the compulsion to put others first is only a PART of you, it is NOT actually who you are “in essence”.  Even better news is that this confusion can be untangled.

Therapy can restore leadership to the central core Self, the inner compass that always knows where True North lies and what is best for you. It can unburden any exiled parts and release them from their limiting beliefs. So it is not about banishing or getting rid of any parts, it is about restoring them to their original place in “your system”.
To continue the above example, the “people-pleaser” part that puts others needs above your own, can relax its compulsion to please in every scenario. The CHOICE to give or please, can be restored and the “people pleaser part” simply returns to being the part it was born to be, a warm-hearted part or a considerate and generous part, but not one driven out of fear or unconscious compulsion that something terrible will happen if you don’t please or placate - every time.

So this is not about getting rid of the “bad parts” – in fact ALL PARTS ARE WELCOME. It is about coming to understand your parts and how they are trying to protect you. Its about releasing their limiting beliefs (e.g., I am selfish if I put myself first), and updating them to the fact that you are now an adult with the resources to protect yourself in healthier ways. It is ultimately about self-acceptance and restoring SELF-Leadership. SELF is not a part. It is your birthright and is a natural wellspring of Compassion, Curiosity, Courage, Confidence, Calm, Clarity, Connectedness and Creativity – all qualities that can facilitate healing.

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